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Cala Lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world that comes in seven different species and a variety of colors. The name calla lily itself comes from a Greek word for beauty. White, Cream, pale yellow, lemon yellow, shades of pink, purple to dark maroon that is almost black are a few colors often seen and used by the florists. We at Singapore Florist make several combinations of Cala Lily Flower Bouquets in Singapore suitable for different occasions.

Each flower and color has its own meaning and significance. That’s essentially the reason why people chose a type of flowers to express their feelings. Holiness, faith and purity are the generally associated with Cala Lily. Cala Lilies, mainly the white color lilies carry a meaning of innocence, while yellow blooms express gratitude. As the cone-line flowers blossom in spring, they have become symbols of youth and rebirth. Black calla lilies are chosen to convey the idea of mystery and elegance. At Singapore Florist, we’ve delivered thousands of Cala Lilies of different colors including the elegant Black Cala Lily Flowers in Singapore.

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Cala Lilies can be a perfect choice for almost every occasion including Weddings, New Born, Opening, Celebrations and so on. If you’re a fan of calla lilies, check out the variety of Cala Lily Flowers in Singapore available with us at Singapore Florist. We offer same day and free delivery on select products!

Black Cala Lily Flowers in Singapore Cala Lily Flower Bouquet Singapore

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