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Chinese New Year is one of the important festivals for Chinese across the globe. For centuries, Chinese New Year has been surrounded by various traditions which include decorating the house with traditional Chinese wall hangings and sharing hampers/gifts with family and friends.

The celebration is always a grand one where family members gather around the house to eat, chat and play. However, this may not always be possible given the modern lifestyle and globalization. That’s essentially why we at Singapore Florist offer world wide delivery of your favorite Chinse New Year Hampers. In Singapore, you can send flowers and hampers with our Free and Same Day Delivery.

Unlike any other new year culture, the Chinese New Year is a fifteen-day celebration that falls on a different date each year. It usually falls in January or February. Each year is marked with a special animal, this year marks the ‘Year of the Tiger’.

Food plays a huge part in this holiday, and served throughout the entire celebration. In Chinese tradition, most of the Chinese New Year food is symbolic of luck, fortune and wealth and the most common ones are those that are traditionally associated with fortune for the coming New Year, such as sticky rice cake, dumplings, and fish.

Keeping in mind the specific needs of our clients and also to respect the traditional values attached to the eve, we at Singapore Florist offer a wide range of Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore filled with tonics, drinks, cookies, nuts, decorative items etc., All you have to do is click here and order your favorite Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore.

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