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Hari Raya
Singapore Hariraya Hampers Delivery
Halal Hamper Delivery HL038
Halal Hamper Delivery in Singapore HL038:
1) Valentino Sparkling Red Grape Juice 75 CL
2) Stacy Chocolate 80 G
3) Strawberry Candy 70 G
4) Nyonya Kuih Crackers 40 G
5) Elegance Platinium 120 G
6) Strawberry Jam Fillings Cookies 150 G
7) Hot & Spicy Flavored Snacks 55 G
8) Onion Rings 100 G
9) P.NUT Cookies 100 G
10) Peanut Cake 96 G
11) Prawn Crackers 40 G
12) Pizza Flavored Snacks 100 G
We might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability.
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Halal-Hamper of Bird's nest, Essence of Fish With Herbal Health Tonic.
Bird's nest,Essence of Fish w Ginseng/Cordyceps Herbal/Essence Health Tonic ( All Halal )with Sunflo
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Halal Hamper Singapore
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Halal Hamper Delivery HL038
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Singapore Halal Hamper Delivery HL018