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Message-in-bottle/flower/lavender Pink Bear
Message-in-Bottle/Flower/Lavender Pink Bear
Message-in-Bottle, 18cm Lavender Pink Bear & Yellow Gerbera Flowers Delivery:
Height of Bottle = 19cm
Our bottles are directly imported from Belgium.
A Message-in-a-Bottle is ideal for all occasions such as a wedding
proposal, as a wedding invite, birthday gift, Valentine's Day or
simply just to convey a message to a special someone.
A Message-in-a-Bottle is a fresh way to convey written messages,
rather than the usual cards and envelopes from common gift shops.
Sand, seashells, ribbons, a neck embellishment and a message scroll completes the Message-in-a-Bottle.
We will print your message in the message scroll & Place it inside the Bottle.
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Message-in-Bottle/Flower/Lavender Pink Bear
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