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Message-in-a-Bottle & Live Orchid Plant

SGD 98.00

Message-in-a-Bottle ( 21cm ) Height & Live Phalaenopsis Orchid Delivery in Singapore:
A Message-in-a-Bottle is ideal for all occasions such as a wedding proposal, as a wedding invite, birthday gift, Valentine’s Day or simply just to convey a message to a special someone.
A Message-in-a-Bottle is a fresh way to convey written messages, rather than the usual cards and envelopes from common gift shops.
Sand, seashells, ribbons, a neck embellishment and a message scroll completes the Message-in-a-Bottle.
We will print your message in the message scroll & Place it inside the Bottle.
– Pls order one day in advance
– The beauty of Phalaenopsis Orchid is the flowers not the leaves,
This type of orchid come with 2 to 5 leaves only depend on shipment.
During shipping, some of the leaves might turn yellow,
We will try our best to use scissor to trim the torn leaves if possible but some of the torn leaves that we can’t trim it will let it be nature.
– Bud turn yellow and shrivel can happen to any species of orchid but Phalaenopsis are usually the most susceptible to this issue.
– Color of orchid & color/Shape of vase might not be same as photo shown
– Due to inconsistent market conditions,
We might replace any items ( & Color ) with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability without prior notice.
– Pls kindly call us if you have any query.

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