Selecting the Perfect Floral Stand for Grand Opening Events

Selecting the Perfect Floral Stand for Grand Opening Events

Selecting the Perfect Floral Stand for Grand Opening Events

Grand opening events are incomplete without the presence of beautiful flower stands. This tradition of sending your heartfelt congratulations through vibrant blooms dates back several centuries, and it remains a common gesture even in today’s modern era. If you’re planning to celebrate the start of new ventures with a congratulatory flower stand, here’s how you can pick the right one to deliver. 

1. Size of Your Flower Stand and Space Available

Rows of floral stands positioned outside a new store or business are a common sight at grand opening events. But while they delight the eyes, it’s important not to crowd corridors with an excessive number of these stands. 

When you’re choosing congratulatory flower stands, take into consideration the amount of available space at the venue. If there’s sufficient room, feel free to opt for larger arrangements. However, you may wish to scale down and pick floral stands with a smaller sizing if there isn’t a luxury of space at the event. They can still effectively convey your thoughts. 

Congratulations bouquets are also excellent alternatives if you want to be able to hand them personally to the business owner. They can even bring the blooms home if they wish to. 

2. Floral Selection

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Did you know that every type of flower contains its own symbolic meaning? Red roses, for instance, express love and passion, while orchids represent luxury and elegance. Choosing those that carry a meaningful message can touch the hearts of the recipients and show them that you truly care. 

For grand opening flower stands, blooms such as sunflowers, roses, tulips, daisies, and carnations are most suitable as they all signify good wishes. 

3. Durability and Maintenance

Wilting flowers lack visual appeal, making them unsuitable as gifts for someone celebrating an achievement. To ensure that your congratulation flowers look their best throughout the grand opening, consider the durability of each bloom, the arrangement, as well as whether they require upkeep when choosing a floral stand. 

Fresh flowers, while stunning, need more care and attention to maintain their beauty. If the stands are to be displayed at the event for more than a day, it’ll be wiser to choose durable flower stands made up of hardier blooms or high-quality silk flowers that retain their appearance. 

4. Customisation and Personalisation

Personalising grand opening floral arrangements, such as by incorporating the company’s logo, adding a congratulatory message, or matching the colours to the brand, injects warmth to the event and demonstrates thoughtfulness. 

Need tips on how to personalise your floral stand? Choose flowers and stand designs based on the nature of the business, such as contemporary stands with clean lines and simple arrangements for a minimalist cafe, or a vintage and traditional flower stand for businesses with a more retro aesthetic.

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Grand opening events are a significant occasion for any business, as they mark the beginning of a new chapter and are a fantastic opportunity to connect with partners and potential customers. If you’d like to celebrate the new achievement with a flower stand, Primula Florist offers a range of customisable grand opening flowers suitable for various events and businesses. Revel in the joy of new ventures and success with our blooms today!

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