Teachers Day in Singapore | Hampers, Flowers & More

Teachers can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges – said the famous American Writer Joyce Meyer. We may knock and enter many doors in our careers and various walks of lives but the one that opens the door and one that teaches us to reach up to that door is certainly a teacher. A teacher is not necessarily a teacher at school. Our parents, the mother and father are our first teachers and we may be mentored by many dear ones. It’s time to thank them and send some hampers to make it memorable.

Typically, teachers day in Singapore is celebrated on the the last Friday of Term 3 before the one-week September school holiday, which is on 1 September in 2023. However, due to that day being an election day, the MOE and SEAB declared a school holiday for teachers day in Singapore on 11-Sep-2023. But alas! you can send your teacher a Teachers Day Flower Bouquet or a hamper and thank your teacher on any day!

Check out the exclusive Teachers Day Hampers in Singapore and order your favorite one today. You may also schedule the delivery on a day of your choice.

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